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And maintenance of horizontal spiral belt mixer

Horizontal Ribbon mixer and material contact is 304 stainless steel • all tube body 304 stainless steel • other special materials. Mixed adaptability to achieve solid-solid and solid-liquid, liquid-liquid mixing. Mixed loading, loading coefficient is 0.6~0.7. Seal of excellent, stable operation and low noise. Ribbon and whole body tight fit, no buildup. Cylinder without driving parts, materials and pollution-free. Horizontal Ribbon mixer after use care and maintenance of nine major points:
1, according to user requirements can be single, double helix, triple helix.
2, double spiral mixer may install the spray Assembly, to meet special requirements.
3, double spiral mixer valve with manual, pneumatic two ways. Special materials can increase the motor power (aggravation).
4, double spiral mixer used in chemical industry, medicine, pesticides, dyes, petroleum, metallurgy, building materials, and other materials and powders (solid-liquid), liquid and powder (solid-liquid) mixing, reaction, drying and cooling.
5, and double spiral mixed machine rotation will material up upgrade formed two unit non-symmetric of along tube wall and middle white up of screw column material flow, turned arm led screw rod of Revolution movement makes spiral outside of material different degree to into Butterfly column package complex body, part material was lead bit upgrade, another part material and was dumped out screw column, to reached full circle azimuth material of constantly diffusion, was upgrade to upper of two unit non-symmetric material again to in the concave points convergence, two unit material flow convergence into a unit down a factory flow, added has bottom material of hole, Formation of unsymmetrical cyclic, because of the complex, so that items in a relatively short period of time to get a uniform mixture of high precision.
6, DSH series double screw cone mixer where the part in contact with the material are made of stainless steel rotation, revolution done by a set of motors and cycloidal reducer, using two screws asymmetric mix, makes large range of material to be mixed, mix more uniform, mixing speed, proportion, and mixing ratio of the larger material mix and more appropriate.
7, revolution of the spiral along the wall, make the material along the cone wall in a circular motion;
8 since the end of cone, spiral rotation make the material along the spiral;
9, spiral, spin complex part is absorbed into the spiral cylinder of material as well as by the centrifugal force of the rotation of the spiral to the cone for radial Spiral cylindrical part of materials emission.

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