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Jiangsu Ruifeng customized our company Electric steam dual-use type hot air circulating oven

Electric steam dual-use hot air circulation oven is the first domestic product in china, By our company carefully designed and constantly updated, reaching world-class advanced level. Our company has a professional technical team, an independent design capabilities, customers can customize their professional configuration

In June this year, our company and Jiangsu Ruifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a hot air circulation oven supply contract, Jiangsu Ruifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a well-known phosphate manufacturer, as a leader in the development of the industry, providing high-quality ingredients for food, medicine, health care, cosmetics and other industries and covering meat products, aquatic products, flour products, dairy products , Baking, beverage, health care products, toothpaste, feed, industrial and many other fields, at the same time it also provides customers with the best food solutions.

The order of the oven model CT-C-, the host specifications for the 4460 × 2200 × 2000mm, In order to ensure that the temperature inside the oven uniform, using eight specifications for 695 × 945 × 1440mm bake, 192 460 × 640 × 45mm baking tray, bake the whole car makes the structure, reasonable structure, strength, beautiful and practical. Second, the oven uses low noise and high temperature axial fan, the left and right sides of the box to set adjustable air distribution device. This forced ventilation, the air volume, wind speed, to ensure rapid and uniform material drying, greatly enhance the work efficiency. For the efficient work provided a good guarantee.

All along, the goal of our company is providing high-quality products and excellent service, provide continuously create value for customers and become a trustworthy supplier to our customers. We believe that through our strong cooperation, we will eventually bring better results to our customers Yield and profit gains.

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