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The Installation Of Two PLG Plate Dryer In Shanxi Province

Recently a Big Shanxi Coal chemical industry bought a whole product line for environmental protection, this product line is made of two sets of plate dryers. Coal chemical disc plate dryer.

Please see the installation photos.

PLG Disc Plate Dryer

PLG Series Continual Plate Dryer


1. Regulate thickness of materials, rotating speed of main shaft, number of rake arm , style and sizes of harrows achieve best drying process.

2. Each layer of drying plate can be fed with hot or cold media individually to heat or cold materials and make temperature control accurate and easy.

3. Stay time of materials can be accurately adjusted.

4. Single flowing direction of materials without return flowing and mixing, uniform drying and stable quality, no re-mixing is required.

 Easy and simple operation

1.. Start and stop of drier is quite simple

2. After material feeding is stopped, they can be easily discharged out of the drier by harrows.

3. Careful cleaning and observation can be carried inside the equipment through large-scale viewing window.

 Low energy consumption

1. Thin layer of materials, low speed of main shaft, small power and energy required for conveying system of materials.

2. Dry by conducting heat so it has high heating efficiency and low energy


 Good operation environment, solvent can be recovered and powder discharge meet the requirements of exhaust.

1. Normal pressure type: as low speed of air flow inside the equipment and moisture being high in upper part and low in lower part, dust powder could not float to the equipment, so there is almost no dust powder in tail gas discharged from the moist discharge outlet on the top.

2. Closed type: equipped with solvent recovery device that can recover organic solvent easily from moist-carrier gas. The solvent recovery device has simple structure and high recovery rate, and nitrogen can be used as moist-carrier gas in closed circulation in order for safe operation. Especially suitable for drying of flammable, explosive and poisonous materials.

3. Vacuum type: if the plate drier is operating under vacuum state, it is particularly suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

 Easy installation and small occupying area.

1. As the drier is in a whole for delivery, it is quite easy to install and fix at site only by hoisting.

2. As drying plates being arranged by layers and installed vertically, it takes a small occupying area though drying area is large.

 PLG Series Continual Plate Dryer

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