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Rotary Dryer Production Capacity Is Large

Rotary dryer has great effect on industrial production because of its great production capacity and adaptability. The drying work and the cooling work in the rotary dryer, Drum Dryer although it is in the same machine but the isolation operation, so it is very convenient to use.

Rotary Dryer is the principle of conduction and convection at the same time, Drum Dryer the equivalent of traditional rotary cylinder dryer plus internal heat, is in the hot air, while the steam tube and the conduction of the combination drying.

The drying process in rotary dryer is a complex heat and mass transfer process.

Characteristics of rotary dryer

The production capacity is big, can operate continuously.

Simple structure, easy to operate.

Less trouble, lower maintenance cost.

Wide range of use, can dry granular materials, paste paste materials, Drum Dryer and even liquid materials.

The operation elasticity is big.

Cleaning is easy.

Rotary Dryer Application Field

1, applicable to chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries large particles, than the drying of major materials. Such as: Ore, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, phosphate, ammonium sulphate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, building materials, light industry and other departments, sulfide, Anfu powder, urea, oxalic acid, potassium dichromate, polyvinyl chloride, manganese dioxide, ammonium carbonate, nitrate phosphate, fcmp, phosphate rock, ordinary superphosphate, calcium phosphate, trisodium phosphate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, etc. drying, Drum Dryer so that the rotary cylinder dryer.

2, to have the special request powdery, granular material dry. such as: HP foaming agent, sprinkle fine slag, light calcium carbonate, active white soil, magnetic powder, graphite, dregs.

3, the requirements of low-temperature drying, and the need for large quantities of continuous drying materials.

The main components of rotary dryer are sealing ring parts, lifting plate parts, rotating body parts, transmission components and so on. Dryer in use with the horizontal direction of a slight tilt angle placed, the product from the higher end of the cylinder into the cylinder, at work, the product with the cylinder rotation, Drum Dryer moving to the low-end, so as to quickly achieve the purpose of processing products. The use of rotary dryer when the cost is lower, the consumption of fuel will be less than the general dryer.

The structural form of rotary dryer

Direct heat-transfer dryer The heat-carrying body of the dryer is directly in contact with the drying material, mainly by convection heat, Drum Dryer the heat utilization rate is higher and the use is the most extensive.

Indirect heat-transfer dryer When the drying material is not suitable for direct contact with flue gas or hot air or hot air, the indirect heat transfer dryer can be used. In this type of dryer, the carrying body is not directly contact with the dry material, and all the heat required for drying is passed through the heat transfer wall to the dried material.

Duplex Heat Transfer dryer part of the heat is from the drying medium through the heat transfer wall to the dried materials, and the other part of the heat from the heat transfer directly with the material, Drum Dryer the heat conduction and convective heat transmission of the two forms of combination, high thermal efficiency.

Steam calcining Dryer is applied to the occasion of heavy alkali calcination. In the field calcination dryer of steam alkali, calcination on one hand and drying on one hand. Drum Dryer There is no self feeding device. The heat is obtained by heating the finned tube in the rotary cylinder. The heat transfer coefficient is high, the thermal efficiency can reach 75%, and the evaporation strength is 150kg water m3.

Spray granulation Dryer is the drying and granulation of the product in a rotary cylinder to complete, the slurry is sprayed into the barrel by the nozzle, and the inner part of the cylinder is provided with a back-feeding spiral copy board, which reduces the return material multiple by returning the finished material, Drum Dryer simplifies the process, reduces the equipment load and enhances the equipment production intensity. The spraying granulation device is used in the production of ammonium phosphate, nitrogen, phosphorus, phosphorus and potassium phosphate.

Rotary dryer Drying PTA heat and mass transfer mechanism of the lack of research into the domestic use of drying PTA steam tube rotary dryer large-scale design and application of the bottleneck. In order to reduce PTA production costs, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises, accelerate the domestic drying equipment, and improve the quality of drying equipment to a new height, in this paper, through a detailed review of rotary dryer at home and abroad, based on the analysis of the mechanism of heat transfer, through the indirect heat transfer rotary dryer of the mechanism of analysis and research, A CFD (computational Fluid Dynamics) model is established for the description of the heat transfer process in a rotary dryer, which is used to simulate the motion trajectory, concentration field, velocity field, Drum Dryer temperature field and heat transfer coefficient of the solid particles in a steam tube rotary dryer. The comparison between the simulation results and a lot of experimental data shows that the model has high precision and can provide guidance for the design of rotary dryer. Based on the simulation, the experimental platform is constructed and a lot of experiments are carried out, and the model is optimized with the experimental results. Drum Dryer The structure and operation parameters of rotary dryer are optimized by using this model. The model established in this paper has been used in the design and development of steam tube rotary dryer many times, and the practice shows that the model has good guiding significance for the design of steam tube rotary dryer.

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