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  • Mushroom Drying Oven Helpful To Your Success

    Contact NowMushroom Drying Oven Helpful To Your SuccessOne, timely picking Before the picking , you need to strengthen the ventilation, reduce humidity, mushroom porcelain can improve the quality of drying . Mushroom with the size of 4 cm can sell best . Second, preparation E xposure the...

  • Yeast Containing Selenomethionine, Selenocysteine, And Vitamin B12 Spray Dryer

    Contact NowYeast Containing Selenomethionine, Selenocysteine, And Vitamin B12 Spray DryerIt can dry 25 water per hour

  • Saccharomycetes Yeast Drum Dryer

    Contact NowSaccharomycetes Yeast Drum DryerSaccharomycetes yeast drum dryer First, Saccharomycetes yeast description: Yeasts are some unicellular fungi that are not systematically evolved by the unit. Is a kind of single-celled fungi that can ferment sugars. It can be used for...

  • Yeast Cell Wall Yeast Drum Dryer

    Contact NowYeast Cell Wall Yeast Drum DryerYeast cell wall yeast drum dryer First, yeast cell wall description: Yeast cell wall thickness of 0.1~0.3μm, the weight of cell dry weight of 18% to 30%, mainly composed of D-glucan and D-mannan two types of polysaccharides, containing...

  • Brewer's Yeast Drum Dryer

    Contact NowBrewer's Yeast Drum Dryerbrewer's yeast yeast drum dryer One. description of brewer's yeast Yeast for brewing beer. Mostly different varieties of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sac-charomyces cerevisiae). The cell morphology is the same as that of other...

  • Dried Yeast Drum Dryer

    Contact NowDried Yeast Drum DryerDried yeast yeast drum dryer First, Dried yeast description: Erythrocyte for the beer yeast dry cells, each containing vitamin B10.1mg~0.2mg, vitamin B20.4mg~0.6mg, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide 0.03mg~0.06mg, in addition also...

  • Active Dry Yeast Yeast Drum Dryer

    Contact NowActive Dry Yeast Yeast Drum Dryeractive dry yeast yeast drum dryer First, active dry yeast description: Activated dry yeast is a dry yeast product that retains strong fermentability by special culture of fresh yeast after being squeezed dry and dehydrated. The pressed...

  • LDH Series Coulter Mixing Machine

    Contact NowLDH Series Coulter Mixing MachineOur LDH Series Coulter Mixing Machine has short mixing time. Its construction feature is that it is especially suitable for liquid-adding mixing or granulating wet particle ,the size is between 0.3-3mm. Professional Mixing Equipment...

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