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Catalyst Chemical Mesh Belt Dryer

Catalyst chemical mesh belt dryer Customer: Sinopec Catalyst Co., LTD Project Category:Chemical engineering industry Selection of equipment: DW mesh belt dryer Project description: Sinopec Catalyst Co., Ltd. (SCC), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, is...

Product Details

Catalyst chemical mesh belt dryer

Customer: Sinopec Catalyst Co., LTD
Project Category:Chemical engineering industry
Selection of equipment: DW mesh belt dryer

Project description:
Sinopec Catalyst Co., Ltd. (SCC), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, is one of the world's leading oil refining & chemical catalyst manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. Catalysts The main products are: catalytic cracking catalyst, catalytic cracking descending aid, catalytic cracking production of propylene additives, hydrorefining catalyst, hydrocracking catalyst, residue hydrotreating catalyst, reforming catalyst, ethylene selective addition Hydrogen catalyst, propylene selective hydrogenation catalyst, polyethylene catalyst, polypropylene catalyst, isomerization catalyst, toluene disproportionation catalyst, ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalyst, acrylonitrile catalyst, PTA hydrorefining catalyst, EO/EG catalyst, pyrolysis gasoline A series of hydrogenation catalyst, p-xylene adsorbent, plastic additives and other products, the newly developed coal chemical catalyst and S-ZORB adsorbent, and carry out waste in the precious metal recycling and precious metals leasing business. While meeting the needs of the domestic market, SCC has been exploring and developing the international markets as well in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and so on.

First, the catalyst chemical mesh belt dryer overview:
Catalyst is an important product of the chemical industry, widely used, the production of catalyst from the granulation, drying, calcination and other technical indicators are very high, according to the characteristics of the industry, after many years and Sinopec extensive contact and technical research, The successful development of a variety of production catalyst complete set drying equipment, to meet the production requirements of various production, Get a good reputatiom from our users, become China Petrochemical system designated suppliers.

Second, the advantages of catalyst chemical mesh belt dryer:
A) treated material is catalyst, for the material's before and after drying the temperature can be different, rise temperature by sections, the operating temperature per unit can be independently controlled. it can be adjusted according to the actual operation of the material drying conditions.
B) Each drying unit uses a combination of hot air circulation, fresh air supplement, and wet air discharging to reduce energy consumption.
C) In order to facilitate the timely detection of the material on the mesh belt, each drying unit has two observationand sampling opens.
D) the width of the mesh belt is large, so it requires attention to the distribution of hot air to ensure product quality and stability. At the same time to ensure that all the hot air can go through the material and to prevent air leakage.
E) On both sides of the belt with movable baffle plates to prevent material rolling off. In order to increase the strength of the mesh belt, using double-layer mesh belt, the bottom layer uses of thick wire as the force layer, using of thin wire of the upper layer to carry the material layer. That is, the upper mesh blet specifications is ≯ 24 meshes (diameter less than 1.0 mm), the lower support mesh belt is 8 meshes;
F) In order to improve the drying effect, the system uses the large air volume centrifugal fan as the hot air circulating fan, can increase the hot air speec of crossing through the material layer, improve the drying rate.

Third. Catalyst Chemical Belt Dryer Application Case: Sinopec Catalyst Fushun Branch, Sinopec catalyst Nanjing Branch, Sinopec catalyst Changling branch.

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