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DWD Series Mesh-belt Dryer

Our DWD series belt dryer is a new belt dryer, it’s technology is more advanced. It is widely used in chemical industry, organic pigment, dystuff, slag products, feed, food and so on. Professional belt dryers manufacturer welcome inquiry!

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■ DWD series belt dryer is a new belt dryer, it’s technology is more advanced. The machine has widely used feilds, because of more reasonable struction, high heating effect , steady operation. It is widely used in chemical industry, organic pigment, dystuff, slag products, feed, food and so on..


■ The raw material can be spread on the conveyer belt through suitable feeding mechanism. When drying, the hot air is foced into the system from both the up side and under side of the belt and material. It makes the surface of every particle become surface to be heated .The area contact with hot air is increased and the heat conduct area is increased remarkably. The diffused distance of moisture in raw material is shortened. Therefore the effective drying operation can be carried out. Particularly it is suitable for drying raw material that has been pre-formed. In a word ,if choose the series drier, it has high stability and energy saving.


■ It is suitable for drying for pre-shapping paste raw materials,such as pigment ,dystuff and so on.

■ It is suitable for drying for high molecular polymer, ferric oxide, ferrite, fluor, medicine, flavoring, agar, and other chemical products, fertilizer, feed and so on.


■ The mount of air ,temperature of heat ,stay time of raw material can be adjusted in order to get the best effect.

■ The customer can set the moistrue of finished product through adjusting the mount and stay time of material.

■ The raw material is relative static in belt, and so the shape of material will be keeped., and the dust can be collected through setting breeze on the pipe or dust filter with cloth bag.

■ The belt’s type will be choose , such as metallic mesh or viberated plate.

■ The belt can be clean,because of the heating room  is seperated from drying room.

■ Accoding to request, the low plate can be equipped cleaning equipment to remove a little raw materials to outlet.

■ According the moisture of raw material,customer can choose multi-set to establish.


Area of dry (m2)9.61212.8161620
Drying section length x belt width (m)1.2×81.2×101.6×81.6×102×82×10
Quantity of unit454545
Tem. of operation(°C)50-150
Steam pressure(Mpa)0.2-0.6
Steam consumption(Kg/h)120-250150-375150-375170-470225-600450-1200
Drying time (h)0.2-1.50.25-1.50.2-1.50.25-1.50.2-1.50.25-1.5
Evaporating capacity (Kg/H2O)60-16080-22075-22095-250100-260120-300
Power (kW)11.413.611.413.619.721.7
Overall dim.(LxWxH) (m)9.77×1.5×2.8311.77×1.5×2.839.77×2.44×2.8311.77×2.24×2.839.77×2.66×3.5011.77×2.66×3.50
Weight (Kg)480057805400655063507800

Remark:Choosing two or more sets to increase drying area based on your capacity and water content of raw material, to increase the output and quality of production.

If the dwd series mesh-belt dryer meets your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality and durable dryer from our factory. Well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dwd series mesh-belt dryer, we must be your best choice. Don't miss it.
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