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Zinc Oxide Mesh Belt Dryer

The mesh belt dryer for drying zinc oxide strips

Product Details


   1. Overview of the zinc oxide mesh belt dryer:

   Raw material(Cakes)→ Extruded(Cylindrical shape)→distributing drying by belt dryer→ products

Zinc oxide mesh belt dryer

  2. Process Description

   Materials after being extruded from the extrusion machine, distributed evenly in the dryer’s mesh belt, mesh belt driven by the motor into the interior chamber of the dryer uniformly, in the role of cross-flow of hot air drying, then discharged from the discharge section. 

   Tail gas exhausts from the moisture exhausting tubes by the drawing forth of the moisture exhausting fan.

   3. Performance Specifications:

   3.1 The device uses a closed structure, negative pressure operation to prevent leakage of hot air and dust.

   3.2 System temperature, humidity amount, and the operation speed of the belt can be adjusted independently.

   3.3 Low energy consumption due to the use of a countercurrent heat exchanger way, high heating using efficiency.

   3.4 Equipment characteristics of occupying a small area, high thermal efficiency, etc. 

   3.5 Mesh belt using the heavier high-strength mesh, high strength, resists high temperature, long service life.

Zinc oxide mesh belt dryer


  4. Technology Conditions:

 4.1 Raw material needed to be processed:zinc oxide(cake shap)

  4.2 Initial moisture:60%,Product moisture:≤3%

  4.3 Water evaporation capacity :100~120Kg/h

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