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Black Tomato Double Drum Dryer

The double drum dryer for drying black tomato

Product Details

 Black tomato origin of South America, is the treasure of tomato family, named black tomato because of its fruit and fruit are red and black. Its fruit can be food and used in medicine, with a strong fruit flavor, sweet and sour taste, high nutritional value, especially suitable for eat it directly. But because the storage problem seriously affected its sales, so, for the drying of black tomatoes has become a crucial link.

 Black tomato double drum dryer

  According to customer requirements, the purchase of the black tomato dryer effective dry area of 30 square meters, the heating method for the indirect heat exchange of steam, the overall structure of carbon steel frame structure; motor for frequency control, to facilitate the customer to adjust it according to production needs .

Black tomato double drum dryer 

Black tomatoes are green food, healthy living model, and our company black tomato drying equipment is an energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, high yield of high quality equipment.

If you need further information, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you.

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