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TG Series Single Roller Drum Scraper Dryer

Our TG Series Roller Drum Dryer features high heat efficiency, large operation elasticity and wide application, short drying period and fast drying rate. Professional Fluid Bed Dryer welcome inquiry!

Product Details


■ Liquid material is dried by heat transfer when loading on rotating roller drum surface. Liquid film is spread on rotating roller drum by feeding equipment. Roller drum is heated by heating medium(could be steam or transfer oil). Dried liquid film is scraped by scraper. Then dried product is transferred to store tank by screw conveyor. Exhaust air could be directly discharged to atmosphere or after filtration.

■ Roller drum dryer is consisted of roller drum(cylinder drum, cover of two ends, axis of ends and bearings), liquid material feeder(include liquid trough), scratching device(include scraper, supporting frame with pressure regulator), driving system(include motor and reducer), heating medium(steam) and the input & discharge device, dried product conveying device.


■ High heat efficiency. The principle of heat transfer of the roller drier is heat conduction and the conducting direction keeps uniform in the whole operation circle. Except heat loss of end cover and radiation loss, all heat can be used for evaporating the damp materials on the wall of the roller . The efficiency can reach 70-80%.

■ Large operation elasticity and wide application. Various drying factors of the drier can be adjusted, such as concentration of feeding liquid, thickness of material film, temperature of heating medium, rotating speed of the roller etc.which can change drying speed of the drier. As these factors have no interrelations each other, it brings great convenience to drying operation and makes it applicable to dry various materials and to meet different requirements of production.

■ Short drying period. The drying period of materials is normally 10 to 300 seconds,so it is suitable for heat-sensitive materials. It also can be reducing pressure operated if it is put in vacuum vessel.

■ Fast drying rate. As film of materials coated on the wall of the roller is very thin.Normal,thickness is 0.3 to 1.5 mm, plus directions of heat and matter transmitting are identical, the vaporing strength on the surface of the film can be 20-70 kg.H2O/m2.h.


■ From it feature. It can be divided into single and double cylinder. Otherwise, from its operate press, it can be divided into ordinery press and minus press drier.



■ It is suitable for drying liquid raw materials or thick liquid in the field of chemical, dyestuff,  pharmaceutical, foodstuff, metallurgy industry and so on..



ModelSizes of cylinder diameter x Length (mm)Effective heating area (m2)Drying capacity 


Steam consumption (Kg/h)Power of motor (kw)Sizes LxWxH (mm)Weight (kg)

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