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Bamboo Shoot Oven

This type drying oven using steam and electrical as heat source, through the electric heating elements to generate heat to dry bamboo shoots

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  1.Seafood : kelp, seaweed, dried fish, shrimp, squid, fish fillet, Beef jerky,sea cucumber, abalone seafood.

  2.Agricultural products :dried bamboo shoot, mushroom, garlic, flowers, dried fruits, vegetables, 

pepper ,honeysuckle,mushrooms, sweet potato, corn, peas, beans, coconut, betel nut, black fungus

  3.Chinese herbal medicine : chrysanthemum, rhubarb, red sage root, ginseng , Yam medlar,etc.

Dried bamboo shoots


Working principle of dried bamboo shoot hot air circulating oven:

  1.  This type drying oven using steam and electrical as heat source, through the electric heating elements to generate heat,

  2.  Then use of axial flow fan for convective heat transfer. A lot of hot air circulation in the drying oven, new air from the air inlet into the body constantly, the moisture air was discharged from the dehumidification port, increase the heat transfer effect, make the moisture of material gradually reduced in the drying oven.

  CT-C-IV Hot air oven


  Feature of dried bamboo shoot hot air circulating oven:

  1. Drying quickly, automatic temperature control

  2.The hot air circulation in the box , enhance the heat transfer, saving the energy.

  3.Adopt famous brand electrical tube,durable.

  4. Low noise axial flow fan, to ensure the uniformity of temperature inside the oven.

  5. Power reached the required temperature automatic constant temperature.


  We are factory not trading company, we have advantages are as follows:

  1. we have our own factory, our own workshop, not rent.

  2. we have qualified technical workers, ensure the machine well-made.

  3. we have our own technical team and installation department, we can guarantee overseas services.

  4. we have rich stock for check,also can delivery machine as soon as possible.


   If you are interested in our high quality drying oven, pls feel free to contact me, we are waiting for your knid inquiry.

  Name:Jiangmin Su

  Mobile & whatsapp:+86 13685210107



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