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Rose Dryer - Tunnel Hot Air Circulation Oven

tunnel hot air circulation oven for drying rose

Product Details


  Drying equipment is widely used. Tunnel hot air circulation oven is mainly used for dehydration of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural and sideline products drying. It can use central heating mode, more conducive to heat source connection, and convenient to customers’ production. Jiangsu Jianda dryer, as the industry's professional drying equipment manufacturers, has established a good reputation with a professional process and innovative technology for more than 30 years. Besides, the technical level and product quality have reached the advanced level of similar products.


  Recently, Jiangsu Jianda roses dedicated dryer (tunnel hot air circulation oven) came into being, after the drying technology team’s years’ research and many debugging,


  The dryer still follows the characteristics of the tunnel hot air circulation oven, develops in the details of the innovation, so that the effect is gratifying. At present, the equipment has been successfully put into production, and will soon receive the user's favor. We have got many benefits after operating it actually in the workshop.

rose oven


  Compared to conventional ovens, the advantage of this rose tunnel oven lies in the following:

  1, The equipment uses carts automatic cart, the production process doesn’t need human intervention.

  2, The radiator is set side, installed in the side of the duct, to prevent powder accumulating in the radiator and affect the cooling effect.

  3, For per unit of the equipment, circulating air temperature, humidity inside the box, the amount of moisture, can be independently adjusted.

  4, Low energy consumption, due to the use of a hot air circulation, high heat utilization.

  5, Versatility and wide adaptability. It can adapt to the drying and dehydration of different types of vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines and agricultural and other materials from different seasons..

  6, The internal installation of air humidity meter, according to the humidity inside the box, automatically control the amount of moisture, to reduce the heat loss of the box and the condenser air volume, so as toreduce energy consumption.

  7, The exhaust pipe is properly extended, through the outer surface of the pipe cooling, to reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas into the condenser, and reduce the cold water consumption of the condenser .

  8, The exhaust air uses a special condensing device, for condensation recovery of the liquid distilled from rose.


The following is the actual situation for the customer to use the rose tunnel oven.

Rose bake oven

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