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Common faults of centrifugal spray dryer

Common faults of centrifugal spray dryer
1, the product of high water content
Reason: the exhaust air temperature is too low
Treatment: reduce feed rate to increase the exhaust temperature
2, dry interior walls with sticky wet powder
Reason: 1, excessive feed rate, cannot fully evaporated; 2, before starting to work under heating of drying chamber; 3, start spraying, material flow adjustment is too large; 4, adding liquid into steady trickle or item is too large or too small.
3, finished too many impurities
Reason: 1, air filtering ineffective; powder mixed into the finished product 2, product 3, high purity of the feed; 4, equipment cleaning is not complete
Address: 1, check the air filter stainless steel mesh is intact; 2, check the air inlet "Coke", 3, spray liquid before filtration; 4, cleaning the device again.
4, product detail
Reason: 1, the solid content of the feed is too low; 2, low feed supply
Address: 1, increasing the feed content of solid 2, increase the amount of feed, a corresponding increase in air temperature.
5, finished low production run serious powder
Reason: poor cyclone effect (weight and grain size of materials-related)
Address: check for deformation of Cyclone or cyclone separator with improved air tightness of the import and export, check that the wall and the outlet is blocked.
6, centrifugal sprayer speed is too low
Cause: defective centrifugal nozzle
Treatment: stop using, check the spray
7, serious sticky walls, coarse granule, dry hard
Reasons: 1 low, generous; 2, heat enough; 3, improper spray flow regulation; 4 high, feed water
Address: 1, adjust air pressure; repair heating systems 2, 3, adjust the spray flow; 4, check the lubricating oil system
8, running big vibration, noise
Reason: 1, atomizing imbalance; 2, bent axis; 3, bearing or gear worn or damaged; 4, bad quality of lubricating oils.
Address: 1 correction of spray Pan balance; 2, correction or replacement shafts 3, replace the bearing or gear 4, check the lubricating oil and oil.
9, bearing temperature rise
Reason: 1, oil hole plugging, less oil; 2, bad oil; 3, cooling water pipes clogged; 4, bearing wear or damage.
Address: 1, check the dredge hole 2, oil change; 3, check the dredging of water cooling pipe; 4, replacing the bearing.
10, bad seal
Reason: 1, seals aging; 2, loosening of the fasteners; 3, loosening of the bracket.
Address: 1, replace the sealing washer 2, fastened; 3, adjust the position and fastened.
11, poor pulse bag filter dust removal
Reasons: 1 improper, bag; 2, dust clogged, damaged 3, pulse cycle is too long; 4, poor grounding; 5, pulse valve damaged.
Address: 1, select filters more accurate bag 2, clean or replace the bag; 3, adjust the cycle of blowback; 4, check the grounding line 5, replace the diaphragm valve.
If it is equipped with foam filter, foam filter outlet spout water. Reason: block network block. Treatment: clean or replace the retaining water.
12, vibration hammer, no adverse action or action
Reason: 1, circuit failure; 2, time sync with the hammer action; 3, the lack of a spring rebound.
Address: 1 repair circuits; 2, adjust the power on time; 3, replace the springs.
Automatic control on the table 13, system failure
Reasons: 1 failure, the instrument itself; 2 meter line connection is bad or aging; 3, pneumatic system pressure instability or pressure pipe leakage; 4, body damage.
Address: 1, repair or replacement of the instrument 2, replace or repair the instrument lines; 3, trapping voltage; 4, repair, adjust the action Agency.
14, air volume is too small
Reason: too small a filter pressure difference
Address: check the filter to see if jam general primary efficiency filters should be cleaned in each class
15, atomizers leakage oil
Reason: negative pressure is too high
Processing: adjust the spray Tower pressure, keep the negative pressure ≤ 3000Pa

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