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Drying equipment selection suggestions


  Dryer has so many types in the market, how to choose the right type?   Here recommend a selection reference tables for your reference.  When you select the drying equipment, should pay attention to the following points.

(1) Unless production has proven that such drying machine is suitable for drying of this kind of product, otherwise, it needs for laboratory testing, tests show that if the dryer suitable for that material.

(2) When the dryer is applicable, equipment and operation costs will be the best.

(3) When only one dryer cannot meet the drying requirements, you should first think of using combined method of drying, will combine two or three different drying methods, to complete the tasks. Such as air drying + fluidized bed drying + spray fluidized-bed dryer (built-in) + fluidized bed drying + cooling (external); + belt drying spray drying; drum drying + fluidized bed drying+ Rotary quick drying + air drying, and so on. Multi-stage drying can reduce the dryer outlet temperature, saving energy.

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