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Energy saving measures of spray dryer

Spray dryer energy saving measures:

1, to a certain extent, to enhance the hot air into the tower temperature. As we all know, at work, if the tower temperature remains constant, then the higher the temperature of the hot air into the tower, the total calories into the higher, so that the unit time in the dry water is also more The However, this temperature should be controlled within a certain range, otherwise if the temperature is too high, it may burn the top of the tower top blower.

2, appropriate to reduce the hot air out of the tower temperature. In comparison, at work, when the temperature of the hot air into the tower to maintain a certain, then the lower the hot air tower temperature, the greater the temperature difference between the tower and the tower, which will reduce the energy consumption of equipment. But this temperature should also be controlled within the appropriate range, so as not to affect the drying effect.

3, the tower hot air recycling. In the process of drying, there will be a part of the heat loss, and if these heat can be collected to be used, it can significantly reduce energy consumption, play a saving effect.

In general, the dryer can be solutions, emulsions, pastes and heat-sensitive materials through the spray drying, usually in a few seconds to change the evaporation of water to meet the production requirements of the powder, granular hollow ball or round granular products, Is the pharmaceutical bio-engineering, chemical and other industries the ideal equipment.

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