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Environmental consolidation is imminent, Jianda wastewater drying equipment to help you keep developing

  Environmental issues are the major news section reported by the major news sites, is a key part of the survival of the enterprise; now our company introduced the waste water roller drum scraper dryer for drying the industry waste water to help enterprises develop by leaps and bounds.

  Wastewater, including domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and early rainwater flow into the drainage pipe and other useless water, generally refers to the water treated by a certain technical treatment, and it can not be recycled again, or a pollution water after the pure treatment, it is still difficult to reach a certain pure standard. And in the industrial wastewater and contains electrolytic salt industrial wastewater, heavy metal smelting industrial wastewater, electroplating industrial wastewater, oil refining industrial wastewater, pesticide manufacturing industry wastewater; these wastewater often contain a variety of toxic substances and high pH, so in the drying treatment, it requires the drying equipment has a higher quality and ability on material and process.

  Our company waste water roller drum scraper dryer consists of drum, distribute film device, scraping device, transmission, heating medium and liquid discharge device. The equipment can maximize the efficiency of the work, with a clear "three small one big" features, small footprint, small factory investment, small energy consumption, big production capacity. At the same time, the scraper system is also suitable for acid and alkaline materials. At the same time, scraper system is also a major bright spot, the use of special pneumatic compression device, with adjustable compression force, controllable characteristics, according to the material adhesion, adjust Scraper state timely.

waste water roller drum scraper dryer

  Over the years, our company has been keeping up with the national requirements, committed to the manufacture of energy-saving environment-friendly equipment; nowadays, in this very period, we believe that our waste water drum scraper drying equipment can help you overcome the hard time.

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