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The main features of the hollow paddle dryer

The paddle dryer is a conveyor-based horizontal mixing dryer.The main structure of the hollow paddle dryer is a jacketed W-shaped shell with a pair of hollow low-speed rotating hollow shafts. The shaft is welded with a number of stirring blades, the jacket and the hollow mixing blades are pass by the heat medium. The two heating surfaces simultaneously heat the material. The hot air is usually fed from the middle of the hollow paddle dryer and discharged from the other side through the surface of the material layer in the agitated state.

Hollow paddle dryer, printing and dyeing sludge dryer, printing and dyeing sludge dryer, Customized Paddle Dryer, Vinol Hollow Paddle Dryer, Clay Hollow Paddle Dryer, Customized Pomace Drying Machine, Electroplating Sludge Drying Machine, Main features:

1. Hollow paddle dryer material retention time is adjustable, can handle high water content, but also can get very low water content products;

2. Typical conduction drying method, energy saving, transmission coefficient, high thermal efficiency;

3. Due to the required heat is all supplied by the hollow leaves and jacket, in order to reduce the exhaust humidity, add a small amount of hot air, dust containment is very few, tail gas easy to handle, without dust remover and other auxiliary equipment.

4. Hollow paddle dryer blade with self-cleaning ability. The blades are rotated in opposite directions, and the two slopes of the blade are repeatedly agitated, compressed, slackened and pushed forward, so that the page has a unique byte capacity, the heating surface is constantly updated, and the heat transfer coefficient of the hollow paddle dryer is higher than that of any other Conduction drying method.

Hollow paddle dryer apllication scope: Hollow paddle dryer can be widely used in activated sludge drying, sewage sludge drying, petrochemical sludge drying, papermaking sludge drying, printing and dyeing sludge drying, tannery sludge drying, electroplating Dry mud, municipal sludge drying, bio-fermentation sludge and other sludge and a variety of bad dregs and other high-humidity materials' drying.

Hollow paddle dryer

The hollow paddles

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