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Food consumption method for drying equipment

In most parts of the country, water is generally higher than the safety of grain postproduction moisture (14%), is not conducive to keeping, storage, natural rainfall is not only time-consuming, laborious process, venues, but also difficult to achieve the desired result. So many food bank use artificial precipitation.
Grain drying, the dryer can be divided into; thermal driers, conduction convection drying dryer, dryer dryer as well as the high frequency electric field of radiation. Among them, the conduction dryer drying in the 80 's and early 90 's were commonly used by grain companies. This dryer is also known as steam boilers, storage barn, preheating, drying Tower, cooling tower and all kinds of transportation equipment. Its advantages are: rainfall, precipitable water 10%-15%, production capacity, a high degree of automation. Its disadvantage is the high cost, fuel consumption, maintenance inconvenient.
The dryer works is:
This method of drying, steam is not directly in contact with food, but through a metal pipe, grain in the pipes absorb heat flow, heat the food temperature, so its internal water transport from surface evaporation, vaporization of moisture by drying medium away, thus reducing the grain moisture content.
According to its principle of work and consumption as follows:
1, improving the drying medium. For food when dry, mixed with steam and it will take away its substance known as dry media. According to the definition of dry media, if drying mediums to maximize the drying process of heating food and vaporized water vapour away constantly, then food is dry. Depending on the amount of drying medium for water vapour tolerance, the absolute humidity of the air. Absolute humidity of the air is different at different temperatures, and at a certain temperature, moist air containing water vapour quantity within certain limits, when accommodated in the atmospheric water vapour quantity with the quantity of water vapour in the air condenses to water when the balance is reached, it can hold maximum number of steam, when the air is called saturated air, it is called absolute humidity absolute humidity saturation. The same air saturated humidity at different humidity values are different, such as 20 ° c saturated humidity value is 17.2G/M3,34 when the 37.3 g/m3. Saturated humidity value higher, stronger abilities.
Traditional steam dryer, after preheating Tower in flue gas into steam, not only pollute the environment, and waste heat energy. In order to improve the effect of utilization of thermal energy can be directly using the flue gas to dry medium. Specific transformation approach is the flue gas after it has been preheated by the smoke-box directly into the heated Tower. This would not increase heat under most effectively improve the drying temperature. Should be noted that attention in the production of furnace gas temperature, if the temperature is too high can affect food quality, General drying medium temperature should be controlled between 80-130 ℃.
2, the use of dry-air drying method. In the traditional method of drying food usually dried to moisture 14%-15%, cooling and storage. -Ventilation and drying drying rule first of all, the food was hot and dry. Makes its water fell to 18%, then will the water of food into warehouse within sustained Su 5-7 hours, makes grain grain internal and surface Zhijian of temperature and water trend balance, then on its for slow speed ventilation, air for 25m3 150 m3/h, ventilation time about 8 hours, makes food of temperature and atmosphere temperature same, usually into warehouse within of food temperature more high, removed water more more (about 4% around).
The advantages of this method are as follows: (1) increasing the amount of drying. Due to water down to 18% instead of 14%, (2) reduce energy consumption. Because food low precipitation rate in the device; during the tempering process, when a slow ventilation, the heat energy savings by using food itself further precipitation. (3) ensure the quality of food. Because dried food cooling often results in food grain cracked, while using this rule can reduce the rate of crack and breakage and (4) use this method to reduce drying costs about 13%.

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