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Coal-fired hot stove improved thermal efficiency lot


  The hot blast furnace combustor and the heat exchanger are combined together with a full steel plate multilayer sleeve type structure, which is in the heart of the furnace chamber, and the air and flue gas are both in the heat exchange. In order to improve the thermal efficiency, long spiral groove plate heat transfer technology and turbulence principle, the laminar flow thickness is thinned, so that the air and flue gas constantly exchange rotation forward, greatly enhanced the heat transfer effect.

 coal-fired hot stove

  The hot air stove is mainly composed of grate, refractory bricks, baffles, hot air stove reasonable flue and inlet duct, dust collector, chimney and its bracket, induced draft fan (including regulating valve), fan (including regulating valve) and special Temperature measuring instrument and so on.


  It produces high-temperature flue gas in the furnace burning coal, into the smoke ring under the action of the fan, the heat and the outside air exchange, the flue by the chimney, cold air into the furnace New York blower shell, into the furnace side air The ring passes through the furnace gates into the side air ring, supplying clean hot air through the hot air outlet pipe equipment.

 Hot air furnace


  Performance and features of JRF coal-fired hot air furnace :


1. Fuel is coal.


2. Hot air boiler uses pure hot air as a medium, no pollution.


3. Low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency.


4. Temperature measurement and display of vehicle inertial navigation and guidance.


5. Easy to operate, convenient to use.

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