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Jianda develops carrot powder dedicated dryer

      In recent years, with the growing awareness of carrot health care and the rapid development of science and technology, China has carried out a large number of new carrots research and development work.

      And now the market is the most common to be carrot juice, but in the carrot juice processing will produce a lot of residue, not only a waste of resources, but also cause environmental pollution, and carrots processed into carrots powder can solve this problem; carrot powder not only The size of the raw materials, the shape does not have strict requirements, will not produce residue caused by environmental pollution, and can make full use of raw materials in the dietary fiber and nutrients to achieve the full effect of raw materials, is a real CU technology. Therefore, carrot milling in line with today's food industry, "efficient, high quality, environmental protection," the direction of development.

      Carrots processed into powder, greatly broaden the scope of the use of raw materials, can be added as ingredients to pasta products, baked goods, dairy drinks and other food, we can see that the development prospects of carrots powder will be very bright. And our company for the carrot milling process, in the double drum scraper dryer on the basis of specialized research and development of carrots powder dedicated drying equipment.

      The most suitable equipment for the drying of carrots powder is frozen and dried. But the special drip for carrots and powder produced by our company has several advantages over freeze dryer: the same premise, the drum scraper dry cost Relatively low; and the same conditions in the case of lower energy consumption than freeze-drying; but low energy consumption does not mean that the efficiency is low, the opposite yield is higher than freeze-drying. Really meet the current state to promote the "energy saving, green production" purposes.

      At present, our roller scraper dryer has been the British Lloyd's and the United States ASME certification, and one after another in Japan, Mitsubishi Group, Japan Hing people, France Le Sifu put into use, and achieved complete success and customer recognition.

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