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More process knowledges on drying mushroom (Ⅱ)


 Humidity discharge:

 In the process of drying mushrooms, in addition to the need to strictly control the heating temperature, timely drainage is also an important part. Drying room must be located in the upper part of the humidity discharge hole. Small drying room of the drainage hole is 10cm × 12cm, medium drying room for 15cm × 20cm, large drying room for 20cm × 40cm. According to need, some can be set up two drainage holes. The surrounding environment is not conducive to discharge humidity, it should be installed exhaust fan, drainage hole is best directly connected to the outside. The general principle of row damp is: in the early stage of mushroom baking, drying room temperature of 35 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, should all open the drainage hole or exhaust fan; when the temperature rose to 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, the row of tide 3h ~ 4h on it. 60 ℃ after the exhaust hole can be all closed, no need to discharge humidity. If there are too much humidity, it easy to make dried mushroom looks light pale. If the baked mushrooms with water-like yellow, indicating that the drainage is not good, or the furnace temperature is not enough, especially the middle of the heat, the heating suddenly stop, is more likely to cause this phenomenon.

  Dried mushrooms


  In order to adjust the indoor temperature, to ensure that the drying room of the hot air circulation, must always ventilate to the room. If the air supply is not good, please install a blower. The air is best to go through the purification process before being sent to the drying room. 

 Dried mushrooms

 Quality inspection:

 Bake to 16h ~ 18h, you can open the drying room door, check if the mushroom dry degree is qualified. when test them, with the finger pressure with the bacteria cap and fungus at the junction, if only traces, indicating dry qualified; if feels too soft, bacteria folds also soft, you need to continue to dry them. Qualified dried products are characterized by: the special fragrance of mushrooms; bacteria pleated yellow, bacteria folds upright, complete, not inverted; mushroom body water content is not more than 13%; dried mushrooms maintain in the original shape, and in natural color.

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