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Maintenance of centrifugal spray dryer

Maintenance of centrifugal spray dryer
1, daily maintenance
1) often check a lubrication parts of lubrication situation; 2) often check the institutions and the main, and attached motor of run situation, note the bearing, and gear tooth collection parts of vibration, and warming situation, found situation should timely processing; 3) nozzle in using process in the appeared miscellaneous sound and vibration, should immediately parking out nozzle, check spray disc within whether by residues real, some words should timely for cleaning; 4) mechanical drive nozzle is used high-speed gear drive, must with high-speed lubrication cooling liquid constantly of cycle cooling, makes gear, and axis, and Bearing get good of lubrication, using oil of stick degrees easily too high (available hydraulic oil or spindle oil); 5) in disassembly spray head makes, should note cannot put spindle lane bent loaded spray disc Shi to with game tablets control disc and shell body of clearance, fixed spray disc of nut must to twist tight prevent loose off; 6) atomization disc needed according to process requirements demolition cleaning; 7) check the sealed device has no leak; 8) often check beat hammer of action sensitivity and the beat efficiency; 9) often check the pressure table, and vacuum table, and thermometer, and Flow meter the sensitivity and reliability of the instrument; 10) always check the filter efficiency, cumulative excess should be cleaned or replaced; 11) always check the emptying of tail gas containing dust; 12) always check spray spray, dumped materials.
2, regular maintenance
1) to increase the service life of sprinkler, when the best nozzles to be used interchangeably, for 8 consecutive hours, or according to the rotation; 2) of rolling bearing lubrication should be reversed once 150-200 hours.
After a period of time (generally in the 600-hour left-back) operation, it is necessary to carry out the necessary checking and maintenance of centrifugal spray drying machine; 1) for feed systems, filters, piping, valves, nozzles should be checked, there is no plug, regular cleaning, check the wear of the nozzle to change in time. Should check chat pump whether leak oil, suppressed whether normal, oil bit whether normal,; 2) for wind machine, should view axis and bearing whether should deficiency oil fever, has no vibration, and noise,, necessary Shi cleaning wind leaves or by line set-up wind leaves of moving balance; 3) also should attention all motor has no fever, and vibration, and different sound, situation, control cabinet of instrument electrical work whether normal,; 4) check all unit of anchor bolt and the other tight firmware has no loose.
In operation around 2,400 hours (generally during the shutdown period), required by the maintenance personnel to local disintegration and equipment maintenance.
In the special case of maintenance
Centrifugal spray dryer in the long run and operate properly, some buildup can occur and affect the normal operation of equipment, requiring you to stop work after cleaning. Dryer interior cleaning, clean the door should open, cleaning equipment used equipment has been thoroughly cleaned.

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