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Maintenance of roller drum scraper dryer

maintenance of the roller drum scraper dryer

1, After the use of the equipment, the inside reside of the drum scraper dryer should be cleaned, keep the machine clean and tidy.especially for the dryer which process the slurry and paste material, such as Infant Food Drum Dryer, Instant Baby Food Drum Dryer,Butter Milk Drum Dryer.

2, The bearing is often coated with calcium-based grease, worm reducer to often use lubricants for maintenance.Such as Wine plant Mud Drum Dryer,Dried Yeast Drum Dryer, Dry Yeast Drum Dryer, Green Vegetables Drum Dryer, Active Dry yeast Dryer, Active Dry Yeast Drying Machine, For such big capacity process dryer, the bearing should often coated with calcium-based grease.

3, Electric control cabinet and the main machine part ground wire should maintain good state at any time, can't have leakage phenomenon.

4, Often adjust the transmission chain tension, so that the elastic state in the normal state.Such as Vegetables Drum Dryer, Yeast Drum Dryer, Vegetable Crop Drum Dryer, Milk Product Drum Dryer, Instant Child Food Drum Dryer, Customized Fresh Milk Drum Dryer, Milk Drum Dryer, Beer Yeast Drying Machine, Dryer For Yeast Cell Wall.

5, Often check the regular verification of the pressure gauge, ammeter, voltmeter, so that a variety of instruments, the instrument is in normal working condition. Such as Customized Milk Drum Dryer, Garden Stuff Drum Dryer, Fish Meat Slices Drying Machine, Chocolate Milk Companion Dryer.

6, Often check the motor, regardless of reducer, sprocket, chain, bearing and other connections to keep it tight state.

Roller Drum Scraper dryer

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