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Major Applications of Freezing Technology in Daily Life

Freezing technology now has wide application in our daily life. In supermarket, we see frozen seafood which requires freezing technology to stay fresh. In office area or at home, we need air-conditioning system to stay cool. But the applications of freezing technology are far more than this. Just read on to learn some major applications of freezing technology.


The first is freeze drying technology in pharmaceutical industry. The chemical properties of many biomedicine products aren't stable. To increase the stability of biomedicine products, freeze dryer is now widely applied in the industry. As freeze drying process is carried out under low temperature and in vacuum, it is very effective in treating thermal sensitive biomedicine without undermining their bioactivity. It is reported that freeze drying is also used for the storage of Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to prevent from them from rotting.


The second is freezing storage technology in foodstuff industry. It is estimated that frozen food now counts for a large part in the diet. But the storage of frozen food has always been a concern. The refrigeration in foodstuff industry is usually achieved by a refrigerate compressor which evaporates the liquefied nitrogen into gas. In the process, large amount of heat will be absorbed from the foods and thus achieve the purpose of refrigeration. In this way, foodstuffs can be maintained in fresh condition and their nutritious ingredients are also preserved. We have developed fig JZG Series Freeze vacuum DryerBanana Slices JZS Series Freeze Vacuum Dryer.


Third is the application of freezing technology in chemical industry and metallurgical industry. In chemical production, freezing technology is required for the purposes of gas liquefaction and transportation, the separation of mixed gas and the cooling of chemical reaction. For example, the reaction rod in nuclear power plant usually needs refrigerator to stay under certain temperature or there is risk of explosion or nuclear leakage. Besides, metallurgical industry also requires freezing technology. It is because the physical properties of metals will alter when temperature lowers to certain extent. Therefore, steel usually has to go through low-temperature treatment to increase its strength and hardness.


The last major application of freezing technology is healthcare sector. Surgeries like the transplant of artificial heart or skin require freezing technology to ensure the total sterilization in the environment. Besides, medicine, blood plasma and vaccine all have to be stored in freezing condition.


Still, freezing technology is also applied in other sectors like building construction, power generation and so on. In all, I hope you will get useful information from the article.

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