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Operation rules of double cone vacuum dryer

 Ⅰ. Operation rules of this kind of vacuum dryer:

  The position of the filter in the tank before starting must be upward.

  1.1. Close the discharge hole cover.

  1.2. Remove the feed hole cover.

  1.3. Put the material into the tank, the amount of charge shall not exceed 50% of the total volume, and the material shall not be with a hard lump. If the material density or water content is too large, should be appropriate to reduce the amount of feed.

  1.4. After feeding, install the feed hole cover, and ensure its sealing.

  1.5. Open the vacuum pipe valve, so that the tank to reach a certain degree of vacuum.

  1.6. Turn on the start button so that the container is constantly rotating about the horizontal axis.

  1.7. Open the jacket heat medium inlet valve, the contents of the tank heating and drying, but in the beginning of the drying process should be intermittent rotation to reduce or eliminate the phenomenon of material agglomeration.

  1.8. According to the process, the amount of coal recovery, the temperature inside the container, in the confirmation of the tank material drying process has ended, cut off the heat and vacuum pipe valve, and then slowly to the jacket through the cooling water, To the appropriate temperature, press the host stop button, and use the press-button-quickly method, so that the tank to the desired angle.

  1.9. Turn off the vacuum pump, open the vacuum line valve, open the vacuum system on the vent valve, so that the tank connected to the atmosphere.

  1.10. Open the discharge hole cover for discharging.

  1.11. After unloading the material, remove the remaining material in the tank and close the drain cover to prevent dust from entering the tank.

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  Stop the cone dryer to take sample

  Note: When the double cone vacuum dryer is running, if you want to take out some sample, you should turn off the vacuum pump, open the vacuum pipe valve, open the vacuum system on the vent valve, so that the tank connected to the atmosphere, so that the cone dryer is stop, and then take out some sample products, after that re start the cone dryer. 

 It is dangerous and impossible to take the sample when the cone dryer is rotating fast. 

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