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Precision design phase included in drying equipment

  Accuracy of drying equipment in the design phase, includes 3 parts:

  First, determine the diameter of the piston pin and swing its diameter series required to meet national standards;

  Second, according to the relationship between piston pins and connecting rods and Pistons, selection of proper fit;

  Third, stipulating the piston pin size, shape, and position accuracy and surface roughness.
First, by GB2822 standard size can will piston pin of size round whole for φ 10; take piston pin and this rod of tie for cases, should take clearance tie, if clearance take of big, is vibration, noise big, if clearance take of small, is wear big, take φ 10 H6/h5 more right; last school national standards determine piston pin of length and diameter of precision, parts cylindrical oriented for ends surface of location precision and cylindrical surface itself of shape precision, also has all surface of surface rough degrees.

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