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Requirements on using hot air circulation oven

The motor drives the wind wheel through the heater so that the wind constantly circulates the air, and then sent out, and then through the duct to reach the room, and then turn it into the air source and cycle again, which can significantly improve work efficiency, in order to ensure the process goes smooth, you must always pay attention to some points.

Hot air circulation oven use requirements:

1. Before use must pay attention to whether the power supply voltage can meet requirement or not. when use it, it is necessary to ground the power outlet wire according to the rules. When the electricity is on, should not touch the box on the left side of the space of the electrical or use wet cloth wipe it and rinse it with water. When check the oven, the electricity should be cut off.

2. The oven power wires can not be wrapped in metal objects, can not be set in the low temperature or wet places, to avoid the aging of rubber and it will cause electricity leakage of the wires. Don't put the items in the oven too crowded, you must set aside the air convection space, so that the wet air can haust at the top of the air flow.

3. Should regularly check the temperature of the silver handle, to see if it is hairy or uneven, if it is, can use fine gauze to make the contact place flat, and then to reuse it, And should always be wiped with a clean cloth, so that the contact effect is good , (pay attention to when doing this, it needs to cut off the power). Do not hit the metal pipe of the room temperature conditioner to avoid affect its flexibility.

4. The objects which are treated or washed by gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, banana water, and some flammable liquid, including some painted items, should be placed at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes, until most of the flammable liquid volatile before they can be placed in the oven to bake, should pay attention to ventilate the drying chamber.

5. To operate the oven, such as open or close the oven door,the action should be fast. Don't do it very slowly or remain the door open too long, etc. And need to pay attention to the figures in the instrument when you drying something.

CT-C Series Hot Air Circulation Oven


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