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Seven notes on drying mushroom (Ⅰ)

Ⅰ,The higher moisture content the mushroom has , the longer it takes to bake in low temperature conditions. If the baking temperature suddenly increases just after it starts, it is bound to cause the fast water loss of the tissue.So it is easy to make lenticular fungus shell’s deformation and unround, bacteria fold down stacking, crack cover, color black, damage the enzyme’s activity, so that mushrooms lose the original flavor.

dried mushroom

Ⅱ, Mushrooms should be continuously baked until dry after being put into the mushroom drying oven. And heating can not be interrupted.

Ⅲ, The temperature can not be high and low, otherwise it will make the mushroom color black, mushroom cover wrinkles so as to affect the quality and quality declines.

, The maximum temperature can not exceed 65 ℃, otherwise easy to burn.

Ⅴ, Mushrooms, of which the surface is white or gray, can be faced up flat on the mushroom screen. We should spray clean water evenly on the mushroom surface with a clean spray (can not spray on the bacteria brown), and then put them into the drying room, close the doors and windows, stew them for 30 minutes, then conduct the normal drying. If it’s unsuccessful for once, we can conduct 2-3 times, so mushroom’s surface color consistent.


Ⅵ, If the dried mushrooms need to be sifted, be sure to do it quickly in 5 hours.

Ⅶ, Dried mushrooms should be packaged timely, keep in low temperature dry place and keep them away from light.

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