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Spray Dryer Normal Maintenance

3. Normal maintenance check contents:

3.1. Record the process of high-speed centrifugal spray dryer parameters and the main equipment current per hour, do a good job of production records.

3.2. Check the static equipment, pipes, chutes, static sealed point high-speed centrifugal spray dryer whether it has drip, drain and jam problems.

3.3. Check the operation of the pump equipment: including whether the high-speed centrifugal spray dryer has vibration, different sound, whether the motor and bearing temperature is normal, check the ground screw is fasten, the outlet pressure is normal. 

Atomizer and spray nozzle

3.4. Maintenance of High-speed Atomizer:  

High speed atomizer is required to operate stably in high speed status, thus make sure the flange surface of upper atomizer should be flat and level during installation, silicon rubber should be added between two surfaces to avoid vibration and oil leakage.  

3.4.1 This atomizer has high precision and high speed and should be putted vertically during operation to avoid big vibration and collision, or the main shaft will deform and cause noise thus it may affect operation life.  

3.4.2 The rotation direction of atomizer is anti-clockwise in top view. During installation and commissioning, turn on the switch temporary and check the rotary direction, then start running. Or it may cause serious accidents caused by the relief of the atomizing disk nut on the main.  

3.4.3 Start motor of oil pump first before working, main motor could be started only when there’s oil flow into the transparent nylon pipe or machine my damage caused by the shaft fail due to the high heating caused by on oil working.

3.4.4 All lubricant is 30(N46)or 40(N68)no dust anti-wearing hydraulic oil. Oil level should be at the range of required scale. If the level is too high, oil will over the nozzle of oil blocking pipe and flow down along with the shaft to the atomizing disk and spray with material. If the level is too low, the suction pipe can not suck oil and will cause accident due to no oil operation. Operator should keep attention if the oil in the transparent pipe flows smoothly or not, if there’s no oil passing, stop running immediately and could only start again after it’s fixed.  

3.4.5 Be notice that the main shaft should not be bended or scratched during the disassembling and installation of atomizing disk and so on; during the installation of atomizing disk, nut for atomizing disk must fix tightly to avoid loosing.  

3.4.6 If there’s any noise or severe vibration during operation, stop running immediately and check it. 

3.4.7 Replace to new oil every month, during replacing, disassemble the atomizing disk and hood as well as oil discharge screw on machine, when all oil is been discharged, pack the screw with Teflon tape and screw it again, then feed fresh oil(about 1kg), make sure oil level no more or less than the level line.

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Notice: Formaldehyde resin Spray dryer, coloring matter spray dryer,coloring matter spray dryer are better be cleaned of the inner wall of the spray tower after each day's drying task at the end of the day.

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