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Spray Dryer start Procedures

Spray Dryer Operating Procedures (Ⅱ)


  2.1. Turn on the centrifugal fan, check the operation of the fan equipment: including whether there is high-speed centrifugal spray dryer vibration, sound, odor, etc., the motor and bearing the temperature is normal, the ground screw is loose.

  2.2. (First open steam heating) to open the electric heater (electric heating is a supplementary heating effect), and check whether the leakage (if leakage, the control cabinet will automatically jump). Preheating the tower body, preheating temperature between 180-220 ℃.

  2.3. Turn off the fan.

  2.4. Place the centrifugal spray head, turn on the centrifugal nozzle, slowly adjust the frequency of the atomizer to a certain frequency (according to the actual situation), so that the nozzle reaches the maximum speed of the frequency conditions, open the feed pump, open The pump outlet valve. At the same time open the bottom of the barrel and the power carrier at the ottom of the cyclone, to accept the material. (Continuous production of each batch of materials do not need to be cleaned, according to the need to determine the corrosive material, washing centrifugal nozzle generally do not need to disassemble, with a screw pump to clean water.

  2.5. Slowly open the centrifugal nozzle of the valve, so that the amount of material from small to large, otherwise it will produce sticky wall phenomenon, until adjusted to the appropriate requirements to keep the exhaust temperature is a constant (x) ℃.

  2.6. After drying the finished product is collected in the lower part of the tower and the lower part of the cyclone in the powder carrier, before the powder carrier is full filled, it should be replaced, in the exchange of powder, you must first switch off the butterfly.

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