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The necessary documents of vibrating fluid bed dryer give to purchasers

It is very important for the supplier to manufacture a set of advanced vibrating fluidized bed dryers, to supply customers with more advanced equipment, when the customers ask for more advanced equipment, the manufacturer always develops more advanced machine to satisfy them. 

At present, many domestic pharmaceutical companies have gradually asked the standard of FDA, the purchase of equipment requires equipment suppliers to provide a series of documents, and this is precisely the weakness of domestic suppliers. To vibration fluidized bed, for example, need to provide:

(1) Mechanical design part: process design, installation design, mark list, composition list, spare parts list.

(2) Electrical design: software, distribution charts, SDS, functional charts, functional description, distribution cabinet list.

(3) Equipment files: operating manual, maintenance and inspection list, check the record table, touch screen operating instructions, customer training.

(4) Technical information documents and spare parts information.

(5) Quality control documents: calibration certificate, retention, passivation cleaning, welding gas certificate.

(6) Manufacturing: welder training, guidance and instruction, film, passivation cleaning training.

(7) quality management: welding quality records, leaving samples, weld number, welding track output, CD-ROM.

(8) validation file: quality and project plan, FAT program, unit test check, SAT file.

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