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Usage of centrifugal spray drying equipment

   Spray drying equipment can make the solution, emulsion, paste-like materials of liquid, suspension, after being processed by spray drying into powder, fine, small particles of the finished product. Fast-drying, high efficiency, less processes, reduce labor, particularly adapted for heat-sensitive materials. Dry product quality, liquidity, good solubility, high purity, sanitation, and access to superior technology, helps to improve the yield economic benefits. Spray drying equipment of centrifugal spray application equipment in the production of raw materials for many years, proper use, maintenance and trouble shooting of such equipment is one of the key

   A brief introduction of centrifugal spray dryer
   1. definition, centrifugal spray drying
The solution, emulsion, paste liquid, suspension, in the form of slurry in centrifugal atomizer into tiny droplets in the air, falling in droplets, water is evaporated by the cyclone air and dry powder or solids separation of particles.
   2, the principle of centrifugal spray drying
In the top of the dry imported hot air and liquid pumped to the top of the feed, after forming fog droplets of spray, liquid injection of surface area is large, remaining after contact with high temperature hot water quickly evaporates, a customer in a very short time needed for drying product, discharged from the bottom of the tower. In the dry process, after contact with droplets of hot air temperature decreases and causes moderately increased when needed as an exhaust fan exhaust, however in the exhaust will carry tiny powder separation device recovery is needed.
The drying is divided into equal speed and deceleration phases. Speed in stages. The surface of evaporation of water droplets evaporation speed controlled by the steam around the proliferation of film speed, its power is hot air and droplets of temperature differences around, spread faster than the rate of evaporation of water by particle. Finally, when the diffusion speed rather than on maintaining saturation of the surface is, the rate of evaporation slows, dry start into the deceleration phase. During the deceleration phase, granular temperature begins to rise, dry ends, at temperature close to ambient temperature.
  3, characteristics of centrifugal spray drying
1) during the drying process drops the temperature is not high, product quality is good; 2) drying yield has good dispersibility, fluidity and solubleness; 3) dry very fast; 4) process simple, convenient control and application of continuous mass production; 5) the entire operation closed, apply to clean production areas;

  The use of centrifugal spray dryer
  1, preparation before use
  Before using the spray dryer operaters should do the following check: 1) check all device of bearing and sealed part   connection at has no loose; 2) check all mechanical parts of lubricants status and all water, and wind, and pulp tube valve mouth, whether in by needed location; 3) check pipeline connection at whether loaded good sealed material, then will its connection, to guarantee not let without heating of air into dry room; 4) check door and observation window hole whether closed and whether leak; 5) check centrifugal wind machine run of rotating direction whether right; 6) Check centrifugal wind machine export at of regulation butterfly valve whether open, don't put butterfly valve shut died, or will damaged electric heater and into wind pipeline, this is must caused full note; 7) check into material pump of connection pipeline whether received good, motor and pump of rotating direction whether right; 8) check dry room top Department placed spray head at whether cover good, so as not to leak; 9) atomizer lubricants cooling tube joint whether received good, cooling water whether opened.
   Then, power check the voltage and the instruments are normal, and finally check the slurry mixing bucket of slurry and concentration conditions, if problems should be ruled out.
   2, daily operations
   1) first opened centrifugal wind machine, then opened electric heating, and check has whether leak, as normal can for tube body Preheat, for hot air Preheat decided with dry equipment of evaporation capacity, in not effect was dry material of quality of premise Xia, should as improve into wind temperature; 2) Preheat Shi, dry room bottom and cyclone separation device Xia material mouth at valve must shut good, so as not to cold into dry room, reduced pre efficiency; 3) Dang dry room imports temperature reached 180 ℃ ~220 ℃ Shi, opened centrifugal nozzle, When the nozzle when the maximum speed is reached, open the feed pump, add feed, feed should be small to large, or an inner wall, until the adjustment to the appropriate amount. Material liquid of concentration should according to material dry of nature temperature to preparation, to guarantee dry Hou finished has good of liquidity; 4) dry finished of temperature and humidity, depends on row wind temperature, in run process in the, guarantee row wind temperature for a constants is extremely important of, this depends on into material volume of size, into material volume regulation stable, export temperature is not change of. If the liquid content of solid and flow outlet temperature changes can also occur when changes; 5) temperature is too low, you can reduce the amount of feed to increase outlet temperature. Product temperature is too high, and vice versa. For products temperature lower of hot sensitive sex material can increased material volume, to reduced row wind temperature, but products of humidity will corresponding improve; 6) dry Hou of finished was collection, in Tower body lower and cyclone separation device lower of pollination device within, in pollination device without full Qian on should replacement, in replacement pollination device Shi, must first will above of butterfly valve close party can for; 7) if dry of finished has moisture sex, Cyclone separation device and pipeline, pollination device of parts application adiabatic material dressing, such can avoid dry finished of sucking tide moisture.
In addition, for heat-sensitive materials and low softening point, the exhaust temperature is too high, material softens, require additional cooling air.
  3, end cleaning
  After normal operation of centrifugal spray dryer, clock collection, should also regularly check the system status and record the process parameters. At the end, you should first shut down the heating device and water instead of liquid to flush pipe residual liquid, and then close the feeding pump. When the inlet temperature down to 100 deg can stop the blower and fan running. Then clean up the drying Tower and rest in the dust, close the dust collector and hammers, and finally turn off the main power supply, and production operations. In case of emergency, immediately shutting down equipment, you should first shut down the blower and pump. If you encountered some power outages, natural cooling tower should be enabled, and then open the drain valve, discharged slurry pipeline slurry, and cleaning equipment.
In addition, after using the spray should be removed, immersed in water, wash water residues. When you wash off with clean water using a brush. Because spray residue on the plate will cause uneven spray and seriously affect the life of the nozzle even damage other parts. Nozzle after work and during transport should not lie. Placed incorrectly, bending the shaft, use, places should be fixed.
  In order to ensure drying Tower and its pipes and all parts in contact with product cleaned, are first-class products, regular cleaning is necessary. When product variety replacement, discontinued 24h or equipment without cleaning, should be a full and thorough cleaning.
Cleaning methods, wash or dry clean, wet chemistry can be selected according to the actual washing.
  Dry cleaning: using a brush, vacuum (for small dryers).
  Washing: 60~80℃ hot water for cleaning.
  Chemical washing: wash it with lye, acids and detergents. Among them, the acid: HNO3 into a 1~2% solution, temperature does not exceed 65 ° c wash and rinse; alkali: NaOH into 0.5~1% solution, temperature does not exceed 65 ° c wash and rinse.
  When after the wet cleaning and chemical cleaning, equipment and components should be installed, pasteurized and 15~30min.
  When cleaning, you should wash with chlorine and its compounds.
  Air filter cleaning should be according to the ambient conditions, that is, depending on the level of dust content in the air, high content of 3-6 once a week, low dust content of 6-8 once a week. Stainless steel filaments, using alkali washing after washing, should be laid evenly within the framework of the air filter, and spray with lightweight spindle oil or vacuum pump oil.

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