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Basic Principles Of Drying Equipment Selection

  Each dryer has its specific scope, and each item can be found several ways to satisfy the basic requirements of drying equipment, but there can be only one of the best. As improper selection, in addition to bear unnecessary high disposable purchase costs, and paid a heavy price during the entire period, such as low energy consumption, high efficiency, high operating costs, poor quality products, and even device does not function properly, and so on.
  Following are general principles of drying equipment selection, it's hard to say which one or which is the most important, the ideal focus selection must according to the conditions, and sometimes compromise is necessary.

  1. Applicability-------drying device must first apply to a specific item, and meet the basic requirements of dry material, including good materials (feeding, conveying, Fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, discharge, and so on), and to meet the processing, dehydration, product quality and other aspects of the basic requirements.
  2. The drying rate is high---only the drying rate, highly dispersed in the hot air convection drying materials, critical moisture content low, fast-drying, and convection drying, drying method of critical water content is also different, thus the drying rate is also different.
  3. Low energy consumption-------different drying methods different energy consumption indicators and conductive style dryer heat efficiency theoretically could reach 100%, convection drying only about 70%.
  4. The savings investment-----accomplishes the same function of drying equipment, sometimes the cost difference, should choose the lowest-bid selection.
  5. Low running cost---equipment depreciation, energy and labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts ... And other operating costs as low as possible.
  6. The preferred structure is simple, spare parts supply, high reliability, long service life of the dryer.
  7. Comply with environmental requirements, good working conditions, high security.
  8. Before the selection of the best material drying experiments, insight into similar material has been used dryer (advantages and disadvantages), often is helpful to appropriate selection.

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