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Belt Dryer Achieves The Best Drying Effect

Belt Dryer has a very perfect working environment, dry media needs can be adjusted at any time to adapt to the need to dry the material changes in the amount of feed, Belt Dryer in order to complete the drying requirements. Can adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, if necessary, carry out the belt to stop operation, so that the material in the dryer for a period of time, drying materials to meet the requirements of the final moisture content.

The basic principle of belt dryer is that the material to be processed is passed through appropriate feeding mechanism (such as star type cloth, a swing belt, grinder, or granulator, Belt Dryer distributed on a conveyor belt, conveying a channel consisting of one or several heating units, each equipped with air heating and circulatory system, Each channel has one or several wet systems, when the conveyor belt passes, the hot air from the top down or down through the conveyor belt material, so that the material can be evenly dry. Using steam, heat-conducting oil, Belt Dryer electric or hot-blast stove as heat energy, there are steam radiator, electric heating element or hot stove to generate heat. Using the fan for convection heat transfer, the material to heat transmission, and constantly replenish the fresh air and discharge humid air. In the drying time to maintain appropriate relative temperature and humidity, the most characteristic is that most of the hot air in the box cycle, reasonable drainage, to achieve the best drying effect, saving energy.

The characteristics of the belt dryer are as follows:

1. Hot air through the material, increasing the contact area between the material and the hot atmosphere, improve the drying speed;

2. Belt dryer uses the entire closed structure, in addition to the exhaust duct, Belt Dryer no longer outside the duct, so as to ensure that the material is not contaminated, Belt Dryer improve the thermal efficiency, improve working conditions;

3. The use of unique internal air supply device, not only improve the relative speed of materials and hot air, improve drying speed, but also ensure that the material drying uniformity;

4. The circulation fan is placed on the side separately, simultaneously opens the overhaul door on both sides, can easily contact all parts of the dryer, easy to sweep the interior of the host;

5. The network belt speed adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation, Belt Dryer may control the network belt speed effectively, guarantees the material to dry the final moisture;

6. Equipped with sweep net ash system, keep the net belt clean, ensure the material thoroughly;

7. All circulating fan is centrifugal fan, its wind pressure is big, Belt Dryer penetrating dint is strong, energy consumption is low, noise is small;

8. All key components are used domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers to ensure the long-term normal operation of equipment.

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