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Belt Dryer Plays An Important Role

The belt dryer consists of a number of individual unit segments, each of which includes a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air extraction system and an exhaust gas extraction system. Therefore, the drying medium quantity, temperature, Belt Dryer humidity and exhaust gas circulation and other operating parameters can be independently controlled, so as to ensure the reliability of the work and optimization of operating conditions. Belt dryer is flexible, wet material feed, drying process in a completely sealed box, a high degree of automation, good working conditions, to avoid the leakage of dust.

The dry material of the belt dryer moves with the conveyor belt, the relative position between the material particles is relatively fixed, Belt Dryer the drying time is basically the same. Belt dryer is ideal for drying materials with uniform or uniform moisture content.

Belt dryer is a continuous drying equipment, widely used in industry, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, play an important role, with many advantages, the development prospects are very impressive.

Belt dryer is a continuous production of continuous drying equipment for the permeability of the flake, strip, granular and part of the paste material drying. For dehydrated vegetables, Chinese medicine Pieces and other high moisture content, heat-sensitive materials is particularly suitable. With high drying rate, Belt Dryer high evaporation strength, good product quality and so on. The drying medium quantity, temperature, humidity and exhaust gas circulation and other operating parameters, can be independently controlled, so as to ensure the reliability of belt dryer and operating conditions optimization. Belt Dryer It is understood that the belt dryer is composed of several independent unit segments. Each unit section includes a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air extraction system and an exhaust gas extraction system. The performance of the dryer directly affects the quality and value of the dry food. In recent years, China has developed a variety of multi-functional, high efficiency, low energy consumption, strong adaptability of the dryer.

Experts said, belt dryer simple structure, easy installation, long-term operation. Belt Dryer Failure can also enter the box for maintenance, easy maintenance. Belt dryer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields already have its useless. But in each field in the selection of the standard is not the same, it is because the various areas of dry material requirements and parameters are quite different.

Characteristics of belt dryer

The drying equipment of the belt dryer is the most important part of the belt dryer, because the belt dryer has a continuous drying performance, the work efficiency is Jianbufeifei increase in different dry environment drying time can also set their own dryer , Belt Dryer As well as the drying speed to suit the changes in air humidity during drying, the most appropriate material requirements, this dry model can be widely used in various industries thick paste of flour and dry products.

Belt dryer has a very perfect working environment, Belt Dryer the demand for dry media can be adjusted at any time to adapt to the need to dry the amount of material changes in order to complete the drying requirements. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted and, if necessary, the belt is stopped, allowing the material to remain in the dryer for a period of time to dry the dry material to meet the desired final moisture content.

Continuous operating conditions are better because of his wet material in the drying process, the material into the sealed operating environment, so to avoid the material leakage has been wasted, Belt Dryer the product is not contaminated, the operating environment has become more comfortable.

The continuous drying process gives the belt dryer a large amount of work, and he can finish materials with high moisture content and heat sensitivity. The clean and efficient feature is that it has a better effect in drying edible materials. The series dryer has the advantages of fast drying speed, Belt Dryer high evaporation intensity and good product quality

Mesh belt with good ventilation performance, the residence time can be adjusted, there is no strenuous exercise advantages, not broken, dry place, dry strength, the use of double-loop structure, hot air uniform, dry phenomenon does not exist uneven gas distribution, divided into Several units, Belt Dryer each unit can individually control the loop, as well as other advantages of the belt dryer.

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