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Centrifugal Spray Dryer Energy-saving Measures

Centrifugal spray dryer is a kind of drying equipment which is very popular among users in the market. Due to its outstanding working performance and wide application range, the dryer has won the favor of users. Although this device has ultra-high efficiency, its energy consumption is relatively high.

In view of the problem of high energy consumption, our technicians found out where the problem lies in the equipment by checking all their production processes. As we all know, in the centrifugal spray dryer, if the tower temperature keeps constant, the higher the inlet temperature of the hot air, the higher the total heat will be brought into it, so that the more moisture it driers in the unit time. However, this temperature should be controlled within a certain range. Otherwise, if the temperature is too high, the tower top air distributor may be damaged. Therefore, we must increase the temperature of hot air into the tower to some extent.

In order to achieve its energy saving feature, part of the heat is lost during the drying process using a centrifugal spray dryer. If this heat is collected and used, the centrifugal spray dryer can also be significantly reduced. Energy consumption plays a role in recycling.

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