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Chicken Essence Dedicated ZLG Vibrating Fluidized Bed

Recently, Jiangsu Jurun food ingredients and Ningxia Yili biotechnology, respectively, to our company ordered the vibration of fluidized bed equipment, Ningxia Yili is mainly used to dry chicken essence. As we all know, in the food industry on food requirements, quality, the environment is quite strict. Our vibrating fluidized bed is a fully enclosed structure that effectively prevents cross-contamination between the material and the air. The material is quickly dried under uniform vibrations to quickly get finished products and is particularly popular in the food industry.

ZLG vibrating fluidized bed the main principle is the material from the feed inlet into the machine, under the action of vibration force, the material along the horizontal direction throwing forward continuous movement, hot air up through the fluidized bed and wet material heat, wet air by cyclone separator dust discharged from the exhaust outlet, dry material discharged from the discharge port. Good adjustable, wide surface to face, the material surface damage is small, especially for fragile materials and irregular material particles dry. In addition to the equipment used in the seasoning industry, is also widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, light industry.

Jiangsu Jinda Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. has many years of production experience in the production of vibrating fluidized bed, welcome your calls to enquiry our fluid bed dryer for drying chicken essence, Jiangsu Jianda Dry Engineering Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best equipment for the program!

Chicken essence fluid bed dryer

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