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Combines Drying Equipment's Applicable Scope

  Drying also known as multilevel dry is dry two or more forms of optimization, including heat transfer and temperature combinations. Drying at work can achieve the effect of a single dryer cannot.

  Compared with single-stage drying, drying are more likely to save energy, according to the drying process requires the scientific combination of multiple dryers. For example, material drying request moisture content below 0.1%, exhaust temperature often requires more than 130 ℃, heat loss is very large. 90 ℃ in the design of exhaust gas temperature spray dryers, water 2%, heat recovery of hot air for series of horizontal-type fluidized bed dryer, moisture can eventually reach 0.1%, heat can save up to 20%.

  Now, the combined dryer is widely used. For different materials, a combination of varied. For example, the oar leaf dryer series convection and conduction heat transfer in two ways, the drying process is more reasonable. First stage is a stage of constant rate of drying, materials in large amounts of water in this phase took off, while in the spin drying dryer into the next level. This combination is especially suitable for moisture to evaporate slowly drying of the material.

  Blades flashing in-line systems can meet the material should dry and size requirements. Many items within a certain range of water adhering to the wall, blade blades rotate continuously updates the heating surface of the dryer, drying efficiency is high. Flash dryer in drying of both pieces.       Suitable for size required materials, first to use paddle dryer, in order to achieve higher efficiency, two-stage flash dryer in order to obtain products of a certain size.

  Spray dryer combines the spray dryer and dryer advantages of applicable to liquids and dry. First level of drying high heat spray drying, drying process for constant rate of drying stage, second stage to speed drying. According to material requirements, also be cooled in front of the dryer. It features reduces the height of spray dryer, the thermal efficiency is high, the heat-sensitive, and it is difficult to dry the material and is fit for.

  Fluidized spray dryer spray dryer and fluidized dryer combination. In the solution or melt processing for particle drying in the drying intensity is high. Because of its evaporation, crystallization, drying, granulation, calcination process made in one device, simplifying processes, and reduce drying costs accordingly. This combination of solubility of the solution dried and calcined granulation is very appropriate.

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