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Create A Perfect Fulvic Acid Centrifugal Spray Drying System

Fulvic acid is a water-insoluble gray-black powder. It is not only plant growth regulator, but also promote the role of plant growth, The principle is to properly control the openness of crop leaf stomata, thereby reducing the transpiration of water. It is a relatively high temperature materials. Based on its characteristics, our technical backbone according to the original equipment, based on the redesign and upgrade, making the spray drying system more perfect and professional.

Fulvic acid centrifugal spray dryer.jpg

Fulvic acid centrifugal spray dryer has organized by atomization system, heating air system, drying system, product collection and exhaust treatment system six major control system components. In order to dry the fulvic acid quickly, the system uses a parallel flow centrifugal spray drying tower. In the drying chamber, the droplets flow in the same direction with the hot air. Makes the water evaporate quickly, the exhaust containing moisture will be discharged into the atmosphere by the draft fan.

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