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Drying Equipment Disassembly And Maintenance Procedures

  As society advances, drying equipment is also gradually being widely used. Drying equipment in use for some time, need a tune-up in order to improve the utilization of drying equipment. Small series to introduce the following drying equipment mainly from regular maintenance disassembly and maintenance procedures.

  1. Pre-inspection repair before the drying equipment is checked, including Visual inspection, the boot check, drain and close the inlet and outlet valve, you should also understand and view the drying equipment used and the number of hours used to determine process and prepare for the decomposition of the overhaul.

  2. Decomposition drying equipment first remove cover bolts with the host, scored shell anchor and plate and then remove the screw, loosen the connector of the power supply, take out host dry, top of the Sweeper, oiling or maintenance of some parts. If the swap method is used, this time on the drying of new hosts can be changed.

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