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Drying Equipment Selection Factors To Be Considered

  1. Physicochemical properties of materials – forms, moisture content, water content, properties, crystal water, particle size, density, viscosity, heat sensitivity, softening point, phase transition, thixotropy, toxic, corrosive, odor, combustible, explosive, electrostatic properties, permeability, reunion, crystals or particles smash ...

  2. In relation to the selected drying material drying characteristics under the condition of drying curves, critical water content and equilibrium moisture content.

  3. Drying capacity requirements and vision.

  4. The effect of commodity value and its drying effect of material on it. Products such as water, pollution, temperature, wear, powder, crushed, rehydration ... Effect on the value of goods.

  5. Requirements for material recovery rate.

  6. The ordering process of the drying process. (Methods involving, nesting)

  7. Material drying method of drying method or similar products in the past.

  8. The available heat sources (coal, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, electricity, gas)

  9. Install size, there are no special requirements.

  10. Environmental protection--to dust emissions, noise, vibration, odor, volatile ... And other restrictions.

  11. Input amount of purchase funds, local workers, land, energy prices.

  12. User's operations and maintenance capabilities.

  13. The local annual average temperature and humidity.

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