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Drying Equipment What Are The Requirements For Materials

Drying equipment material is difficult to count, in addition to a variety of physical and chemical properties of the material and product requirements are different, and drying material Thermophysical and heating during drying equipment material requirement is the System Designer focuses on issues to be considered, this material put forward some method of drying equipment, reference for designers.
Introduction drying equipment is one of the most widely used unit can be considered equipment applications throughout all sectors of national production. Drying equipment, must not simply believe that it is only physical method of dewatering machine. Due to the drying process of the different materials, wet type, different products have different indicators. Equipment installation location, manufacturing of drying equipment selection, Type of equipment, as well as manufacturing and installation methods have different requirements. Proper handling of these issues is one of the important factors of successful design of drying equipment.
Characteristics of the drying equipment
Types of drying equipment so far, has developed hundreds of kinds of drying equipment, there are also hundreds of species commonly used in industrial production. On dry equipment of classification method also has variety, if by dry process of heat transfer way can is divided into convection dry device (as air dry device, and spray dry equipment, and rotating fast dry device, and flow of bed dry device,), and conduction heat transfer dry device (as rake type dry device, and roll tube dry device), and site shot dry device (as microwave dry device, and far infrared dry device),. In addition, there is some way of drying equipment, such as paddle dryer and so on.
Drying characteristics of most dryers are non-standard equipment, mainly because each item of which the dryer is different, many changes depending on drying conditions increases with the material, which led to changes in structure and material of the dryer. It is necessary to clear specific parameters of the material to be dried, moisture contained in material status, type, capacity, drying of material characteristics, such as non-corrosive, burning and explosive, whether static electricity, the product specific requirements, material heat-sensitive temperature to determine the various parameters of the dryer. Many dryers are not mass production, the design process must pay attention to the material and adaptability to conditions of work.

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