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Drying Plant And Its Manufacturing Method

Anti-corrosion methods of drying equipment: most of the drying equipment to weld, plate, tube body. Drying equipment for anti-corrosion treatment for different purposes, the following small series introduces some of the experiences in the corrosion of materials and manufacturing methods.
Phosphating – passivation process in manufacturing of vibrating fluidized-bed dryer, 70% parts are carbon steel. Process flow for a long time and therefore generates a lot of rust on the surface, rust before painting requires a lot of hand. Phosphating – passivation is the electronic and electrochemical reaction through all at once, can be full of rusted iron and steel artifacts, the original color of the metal to the surface and generate dense film layer on metal surfaces. You can put more than 10 days in a humid air, will not rust. Its operation is simple, and can improve work environment, reduce labor intensity and save resources. Phosphate – passivation fluids containing emulsifiers, soluble phosphate and molybdate salts, acids, and the methods used in these models, or other similar structures can be treated using this method.
Electrostatic application of powder spraying on the dry equipment manufacture of traditional paints are liquid, which contains large amounts of esters ketones and hydrocarbons and other organic solvents, production, storage and transportation, construction of a series of troubles, inflammable and very insecure. Because there is a certain degree of toxicity, evaporate into the atmosphere, seriously polluting the environment. Therefore, both at home and abroad paint professionals committed to developing less solution or no solution the new coating. Powder coating is one of this new type of paint.
Vibration fluidized bed drying machine cover, much is made of cold-rolled stainless steel sheet and high costs. Why use stainless steel rather than ordinary carbon steel, because the device is in working condition will be exposed to all kinds of corrosive materials and gases, and excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, which is made of cold rolled stainless steel sheet.
Plain-carbon steel powder coatings electrostatic spray of polyester resin, complete with stainless steel corrosion resistance comparable. Due to the powder coating with tough, good durability, decorative features, and comes with excellent weather resistance and heat resistance and excellent resistance to corrosion and powder properties, excellent gloss and color performance, so electrostatic powder coating fully applies to corrosion of the dryer housing.

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