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Jianda Dry Graphite Flash Dryer Best-selling

Bid farewell to the hot summer, the cool autumn has finally arrived, in this harvest season, our firm also welcomed the client of Xi'an, the customer is very satisfied with the results of my company equipment samples, product quality to meet their requirements , Ordered directly in our company dry graphite XSG-600 spin flash dryer.

The heat source for the equipment is RLQ-1.2 million kcal direct-fired gas stove, and the contacting part of material of the equipment is made of stainless steel which can withstand high temperature. Drying host design into the air temperature is 250-300 . The way of receiving materials for the two cyclone dust collector and bag filter, and equipped with 216 high temperature bag filter, high temperature blower.

Using the device drying materials, the time required for short, high efficiency, small equipment, large-scale production, in a short period of time immediately reflect its economic value. And the drying chamber with high circumferential velocity, material residence time is short, effectively prevent material sticky walls and heat-sensitive materials deterioration, and can be dried into a uniform powder products, eliminating the need for crushing, screening and other processes. And drying chamber equipped with grading ring and cyclone film, the fineness of the material and the final adjustable water. The special air distribution device reduces the resistance of the equipment and effectively improves the evenness of the material. The bottom of the flash dryer to set a special cooling device and the pressure seal, to avoid the material in the bottom of the high temperature zone deterioration. Can effectively control the final moisture and fineness, through the feed, hot air temperature, classifier regulation, to ensure that the product moisture content and fineness uniform.

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