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Jianda Dryer——Developed A Barium Titanate Spin Flash Dryer Successfully

Barium titanate is a ferroelectric compound material, Having a high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, It is one of the most widely used materials in electronic ceramics, Known as the "pillar of the electronic ceramic industry". In order to develop this market and promote cooperation with the manufacturer, our technical team according to the solubility of barium titanate itself, density, melting point and other characteristics, developed a barium titanate rotary flash dryer.

barium titanate rotary flash dryer..jpg

After our engineers continue to test and improve, The barium titanate rotary flash dryer has been favored by a manufacturer in shandong province. The company has ordered a rotatingflash dryer of barium titanate, called XSG- 1000. Its drying system includes feeding system, hot air system, drying system, product collection system, dust removal system, exhaust system and control system. The water evaporation capacity reached 495 (Kg/h), the processing capacity reached 995 (Kg/h), have the fluidized bed and airflow drying functions,both saving energy and free both hands. Not only that, the barium titanate rotary flash dryer can also adjust the residence time of the material, the top of the tower is equipped with a grading ring, so that the final moisture content and granularity of the finished product is stable ; the bottom of the mixing crushing chamber is equipped with a sewage outfall, The door can be installed as a mirror, easy to maintenance and cleaning; the big filter area, reducing the wind speed and filtration system to improve dust collection efficiency.

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