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Jianda Dryer Is Favored By Users

Recently, A material manufacturer in lanzhou ordered our company to order a continuous drying machine for the drying of nickel hydroxide. The particle size of the material is 3 ~ 20um, 10% of water content before drying, and the final moisture content is equal to 0.2%, and the amount of processing is 660 ~ 770 kg per hour.

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The manufacturer ordered the tray dryer Model is PLG-2200x14,It is an efficient conduction type continuous drying equipment, our company has our superb technology, professional team,and has been the new and old customers unanimously approved. In order to achieve continuity during the drying process, the tray dryer is equipped with a fin heater for continuous drying in the absence of other mechanical equipment for integration.

This kind of drying machine is suitable for drying process with greater evaporation intensity. When drying, the hollow dry pan is connected to the heating medium, and the heating medium is saturated steam, hot water and thermal conductivity oil. The heating medium is entered at one end of the drying plate and exported from the other end. The dry materials have fallen from the last drying tray to the bottom of the shell, and are then removed by the rake leaves to the outlet. The wet part is escaped from the material and is discharged from a drain at the top cover.

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