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Jiangsu's Jianda Drying Adds To The Prosperity Of The Drying Industry Again

Jiangsu Jianda drying Engineering Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, perfect test system, precision processing equipment and strict management system. We have built a large modern workshop this year, and introduced a number of special processing equipment. Through the design and transformation of many experienced engineers, the centrifugal spray dryer in our company has been chopping waves in the drying industry and advancing bravely.

The production process of the centrifugal spray dryer is simplified and the operation control is convenient. The liquid with the moisture content of 40-60% can be dried at once into a powder product. After drying, it does not need to be crushed and screened, so the production process can be reduced and the purity of the product is improved. And the product size, loose density, water, in a certain range can be adjusted by changing operating conditions, control and management. This reform has made great progress in the drying technology.

The reform of our technology, not only conforms to the trend of the times, it also will be our upgrade to a new level, we will deliver the goods, moving in the right direction, we are on the way!

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