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Jinda Spary Dryer Cast Industry Trump Card

The development of drying equipment in China is becoming more and more mature, and the simple price advantage is no longer obvious. Therefore, drying equipment companies also need to step out of price competition, focusing on product structure optimization, product quality improvement, core technology mastery and innovation, and the expansion of corporate brand influence. Jiangsu Jianda drying equipment stands out from many manufacturing companies and has become an industry leader.

For a long time, the domestic drying equipment industry has always had the disadvantages of small scale of production, low barriers to entry, and low overall technical content. Today, the development and progress of production technology is spawning a large number of dry equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises represented by Jiangsu Jianda Drying Engineering Co., Ltd.

Recently, a company specializing in the production of environmental protection equipment in Shenzhen has ordered a PLG-2500/8 spary continuous dryer from our company. The spary type continuous dryer itself has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, etc., and there is no disadvantage that the hot air takes away a large amount of heat in the air drying. The energy cost of drying the same kind of material is 1/1 of the energy consumption cost of using other air drying systems. 3~1/5, not only greatly reduced the processing cost, increased the profit of the company, but also expanded the application of our disc dryer in the field of environmental protection. Today, Jiangsu Jianda dryer has become the industry's most recognized brand.

As a "trump card" of Jiangsu Jianda, the spary dryer has already laid a big market and has become a benchmark for drying equipment.

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