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Qingdao Honghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Spray Dryer Delivery

  Qingdao Honghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. purchased the centrifugal spray dryer for marine sugar drying has been completed and is now in the delivery period.

  Qingdao Honghai bio-tech Co., LTD is located in Qingdao laoshan feet of our country famous national high-tech industrial base of Qingdao life science research institute-mainly by Qingdao shun biological technology research institute, Qingdao has KangEr biological engineering Co., LTD. (China academy of sciences Marine biological technology research and development center "medicine and health products experimental base"), Qingdao JinYi biochemical products Co., LTD. And Qingdao han is band technology trade Co., LTD, composition, technology on the ocean university of China life institute, Chinese academy of sciences biological technology research and development center, the yellow sea and national aquatic products quality control center, has engaged in a number of years of Marine biology research national experts, professors and doctor's or master's researchers, mainly engaged in the biological high-tech product research and development, production, processing and sales, science and technology achievements transfer, technical service and so on, is the collection production, marketing, research, technical services in an integrated entity is a technology-intensive chaoyang enterprise.

   Products are mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, South Korea and Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries and domestic major cities. And has become a large domestic and foreign well-known health food enterprises designated raw material suppliers.

 The company purchased the centrifugal spray drying equipment, the water content of 90% of the material can be dried to 5%. After several tests, our company set the equipment input air temperature of 200 ℃, the outlet air temperature of 75 ℃, not only can be highly efficient and stable to reach the output index of the products, more effective to retain the indicators within the material. In the heating mode, the set of equipment selected safe and pollution-free electric heating. In order to prevent the material dry powder accumulate in the tower at the high temperature cone section, our company designed to use a smaller cone angle, and in the cone to install the vibrator, so that powder could discharge from the discharging port in time to ensure that the product content.

  The following is the delivery site photos:

Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

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