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The Flash Dryer Is Suitable For A Wide Range

The flash dryer is now a relatively advanced technology in the industry, because it is not only in the structure and the elimination of environmental pollution are very characteristic, Spin Flash Dryer but also to adapt to the scope and operating principle is very good, the advantages are very many, called indispensable One of the drying equipment, the following for everyone to introduce.

First, the advantages of flash dryer

The flash dryer has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide application range, high production capacity, good product quality, high efficiency, energy saving, drying, Spin Flash Dryer crushing and sieving in one device, eliminating environmental pollution, Performance to the international advanced level of technology, in addition to the following advantages.

1, flash dryer has a special sub-wind device, reducing the resistance of the device, and effectively provide the dryer handle air volume.

2, there are special air pressure sealing device and bearing cooling device, Spin Flash Dryer effectively extending the transmission part of the service life.

3, the flash dryer drying chamber gas velocity is high, the material retention time is short, effectively prevent the material sticky wall and heat-sensitive material deterioration phenomenon, to achieve efficient, fast, small equipment, large production.

4, flash dryer relative to other drying methods, can effectively increase the specific gravity of the material.

5, a variety of feeding device for the choice of continuous feeding stability, Spin Flash Dryer the process does not produce the phenomenon of bridging.

6, flash dryer drying chamber with grading ring and swirl pieces, fineness of material and final moisture adjustable. (Such as calcium carbonate final moisture regulator to ≤ 0.1%)

7, flash dryer at the bottom of a special cooling device, to avoid the material in the bottom of the high temperature area deterioration phenomenon.

Having said the advantages of the flash dryer, Spin Flash Dryer the following talk about its shortcomings.

1, flash dryer late processing (dust) and the early fan of the equipment investment.

2, flash dryer is air-type drying, high energy consumption.

3, due to high-speed movement of materials in the dryer, Spin Flash Dryer the equipment wear serious, may reduce equipment life.

Second, the characteristics of flash dryer structure

The principle of the flash dryer: hot air from the inlet tube at the appropriate spray speed from the bottom of the dryer into the mixing crushing drying room, the material has a strong shear, blowing, rotating, so the material by centrifugation, Collision, friction and dividends were micronized, enhanced mass transfer heat transfer.

At the bottom of the dryer, the larger and heavier particles are mechanically crushed under the action of a stirrer, the moisture content is low, and the particles with smaller particle size are entrained by the rotating air stream and are further dried during the ascending process. Spin Flash Dryer As the gas-solid two-phase rotation flow, solid-phase inertia is greater than the gas phase, solid-gas two-phase relative speed between the larger, to strengthen the two-phase mass transfer heat transfer, so the machine production strength.

1, the hot air of the flash dryer from the ring bottom high-speed rotation into the bottom of the dryer. The bottom of the gap is located in the collection chamber inverted cone, Spin Flash Dryer the mixing blade can reach the bottom of the gas chamber, to avoid the material into the gas gathering room sealed into the air gap appears dead.

2, flash dryer using double helix feed way, so that high viscosity paste, cake-like material into the dryer evenly, while the larger particles play a certain role in the crushing.

3, the bottom of the flash dryer designed to conical section, the establishment of the air velocity gradient, both from the bottom of the empty tower speed gradually slow down, Spin Flash Dryer and finally the formation of a certain value of the axial speed. In the rotating air flow and the role of mixing under the double, to promote the bottom of large particles of solid gas contact, accelerated drying.

4, set the classification ring, with it can control the size of the finished product particles.

5, the outer chamber of the gas chamber is a helix, Spin Flash Dryer due to the end of the cavity and gradually become smaller, to promote the hot air rotation and along the annular bottom into the hole to eliminate the dead ends, but also the use of dual-channel technology. The same role.

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